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For all lamb products expected to arrive before the holidays, please place orders by 11:59pm ET on Friday, December 15. We cannot guarantee an on-time delivery for any order placed after this time.

Lamb Shank

The lamb shank is large enough to provide a significant portion of meat, weighing 1 – 2 pounds each, but at the same time maintain a light texture. Braising, the classic method of preparing a shank, rewards effort and patience, absorbing flavors throughout the slow cooking process and enhancing the marrow’s contribution to the surrounding meat.


Shipping Information

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Because of the stewardship and care provided to each animal through the “Safe Alternative Method” orders for our lamb products could take a full week to ten days to process. Lamb orders are always shipped overnight to your residence. You will receive tracking information, via email, once your order has been shipped. Lamb products from our store will always ship separately from other products offered on our website.

Farmer feeding lambs

Lamb Shank General Cooking Guidelines

1 shank (1 – 2 pounds)

Cooking Method:
Braise, 325˚F

Cooking time:
Cooking time may vary (medium, 145˚F – 155˚F)

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