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There’s simply no substitute for care. At Pure Bred, we care about incubating a more holistic, respectful approach to animal husbandry which, in turn, lets us deliver superior lamb to some of the world’s greatest chefs.

Our Standards & Core Values
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Respect Nature

Our lambs live as nature intended because our farmers follow our patented Safe Alternative® Method for holistically raising our lamb. This ensures our animals are treated with care and compassion while under their farmer’s stewardship.

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Bring it Home

You’ll find our lamb meat cuts on the menu at some of the world’s finest restaurants. And you can also find them in your own kitchen: we’re proud to make the very same racks, chops and loins available to home cooks, so you can bring the wholesome taste of our fields into your home.

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Always Special

Whether it’s kitchen tools or a sheepskin rug, everything comes from artisans and chef partners who share our philosophy.

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Our Partners

We owe a debt of gratitude to our partners. We wouldn’t be who we are if not for them.

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